Small player in the CBD industry, key to success

Lee Mallett is the founder of B-S-B Genetics, an established hemp seed distributor in the United Kingdom. The company originally began as a joke but quickly gained customer traction and quickly took off.

Originally a retailer selling smoking accessories Lee began stocking seeds in addition to paraphernalia. He quickly discovered that he needed to stock more and more.

By 2009, he discovered that selling seeds was bringing in most of his business. So in 2010, he formed the “Birmingham Seed Bank”, providing top-notch seeds in one of the UK's largest cities.

By 2014, the revamped “BSB Genetics” was launched with great contacts for sourcing the world's best seeds.

As we spoke to Lee he told us that there are great plans for the future. He also mentioned the growing interest in the CBG world. This, like CBD once was, is a little know cannabinoid that’s quickly gaining popularity.

Cannabis seeds – legal?

Of course, it’s no surprise to know that cannabis or marijuana is illegal in the United Kingdom.

But what about cannabis seeds?

It might surprise you but cannabis seeds are actually legal to have, buy, sell and trade in the UK.

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In fact, it’s legal to purchase seeds over the counter in some leading UK shops. Plus, you can actually post to and from to a UK address.

It is not legal to germinate seeds, or to grow marijuana or to use cannabis.

If it is proven that cannabis seeds have been used with the intent to sell marijuana – heavy penalties could be incurred.

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