Company Spotlight: Greentech Holdings

Many companies in diverse industries are enthusiastic about the metaverse and are making changes to embrace the future of the internet. One such company is Greentech Holdings, the main driving force behind the global transformation of agriculture.

A global company working in 40 million regions worldwide, Greentech Holdings wants to empower CBD producers while delivering CBD and tech advantages to the public.

Here’s everything you need to know about this cutting-edge company.

Who are Greentech Holdings?

Greentech Holdings is a pioneering CBD tech company that uses blockchain, DeFi and cryptocurrency to modernise the agriculture industry. They are building a metaverse reality where CBD suppliers are connected in the metaverse, all earning through token economics and working together to achieve the business as a whole.

Greentech Holdings aim to solve various issues faced by producers and consumers, mainly:

  • Lack of funding: Farmers don’t have access to funding or technology
  • Lack of transparency: The overall space needs transparency, such as a traceable system where all data is recorded from suppliers to relay back to the customers.

Team members came together with the shared purpose of helping people all over the world to improve CBD production processes and introduce the first tokenised technology in the CBD market. “What we’ve done is basically build a peer to peer decentralised finance platform for agriculture where you can come in and get community funded using cryptocurrency. So instead of the average farmer spending a lot of capital, he can work in a partnership with Greenheart and get the technology for free. This is where we're integrating this fully transparent data change through technology for customers to see where the products come from,” said Paul Walsh, co-founder of Greenheart CBD.

What makes Greentech Holdings unique?

Although they have the edge over other companies wanting to enter the market, Greentech Holdings do not feel threatened. In fact, they believe in uplifting others. “People don't know how to get into the web tree space, and we want to be that intro for other CBD companies. We have built a bond with the crypto community, so we can do the introduction to the overall space,” said Walsh.

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What’s next for Greentech Holdings?

Greentech Holdings took home a number of awards from this year’s World CBD Awards, winning Best Hemp Farmer and Product Innovation. With various awards under their belt, it is clear that Greentech Holdings is on an upward trajectory. We can’t wait to see what the forward-thinking CBD company does next.

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