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Company spotlight: Alphaplant

It is a fact that not all CBD brands are equal. While some brands have got what it takes to make it in the long run, others are one-hit wonders that are quickly forgotten, and it can be challenging to know which ones are worth your time and money. However, every once in a while, a brand comes along with the x-factor needed to make it in the cannabis industry. Welcome, Alphaplant!

This company has been making waves in the CBD industry in the relatively short time they have been around. Not only do they sell top-quality CBD products that are made from sustainable raw materials, but they also offer white labelling services. Here’s everything you need to know about the phenomenal brand known as Alphaplant.

Who is Alphaplant?

Although based in South Africa, where they grow their medical cannabis, Alphaplant also has branches in Switzerland and Austria that sell 100% organic, high-quality CBD products such as CBD oils, CBD extract, and CBD cosmetics that adhere to the highest standards.

The fast-growing company sell most of their products in Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. The hemp plants used to make Alphaplant products are grown in Switzerland, and all CBD products are EU-certified, contain less than 1 mg THC and are 100% legal.

What makes them unique?

Nominated as newcomer of the year at the 2022 World CBD Awards, Alphaplant is clearly impacting the industry. But what is it that makes them so unique?

“A lot of people want to grow medical cannabis but don’t have the licence. We have the licence, and we can solve the problem,” said Mustafa Karasu.

“For example, we can grow medical cannabis for other companies because we have the facilities, experience and licence. We can also deliver white labelling for each product. A lot of companies are struggling with manufacturing good products, and we are also looking forward to doing some white label options on our drinks, oils and stuff.”

alphaplant the extract

Alphaplant bestsellers

The products sold by Alphaplant tend to fly off the shelves, but their bestsellers are, by far, their CBD oil and the B2B bulk CBD they produce in their facilities in Switzerland. However, their new energy drink and ice tea (that has only five calories!) are also set to be bestsellers, and they predict that the 1 ton of medical cannabis they plan on producing a year will probably become their biggest seller, which is why their focus is going more on the medical side.

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Alphaplant overview

Alphaplant knows that both physical and mental balance is vital to maintain energy, happiness, and focus in daily life and are dedicated to making their customers healthier and fitter in the long term. However, they don’t concentrate solely on their products. Changing the strict CBD regulations are very close to their heart, and the company believes that regulations are blocking the whole industry.

Alphaplant believes that working together instead of strictly concentrating on making sales is what will push forward legalisation and more accessible routes for CBD businesses. With such an ideology, premium products and sustainable manufacturing processes, it is safe to say that Alphaplant will be around for a long time.

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