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It’s the battle of the festivals this weekend in London – Glastonbury vs the Goop Summit. The Extract is gravitating towards the Goop Summit. Hollywood actress and business mogul Gwyneth Paltrow is the headline act herself. Billed as a celebration of ultra-wellness.

Goop is your ultimate lifestyle brand. It’s the highest pedigree of elitism in the wellness sector – goop brandishes wealth like it grows on trees – it was valued last year at $250 billion.  Serious karching! An audience with Paltrow comes at a price however although Gwennie's tribe might say it is priceless.

CBD lux platform

In Goop

Goop conceived in a kitchen in Primrose Hill and born in London is coming back to where it all began. London town! Over the next 3 days look forward to Paltrow and her Content Manager hosting panels and chats with cutting-edge doctors and scientists, thought leaders, and some of the people from the best CBD wholesale companies, who inspire the wellness sector the most.

GoopHealth women

There’ll be restorative workshops and classes—for the spirit, for the body, for the mind, and for beauty—plus Goops signature retail hall and food from local plant-based haunts. CBD will feature. More later.

What does Paltrow say about drugs?

Gwyneth Paltrow thinks psychedelic drugs could be the next big thing in wellness. She told Graham Norton on a recent chat show appearance that Goop is always ahead of the curve and in an interview with the New York Times newspaper commented that “there's an undeniable link between in a state and being connected to some other universal cosmic something”.

Goops stance on CBD and cannabis

She has not been shy about her cannabis use and her love of CBD. She placed it front and center into the realm of high-end wellness culture. She raved about it before anyone else did. She rang in the new year with CBD-spiked cocktails and encouraged everyone else to too. Paltrow’s Goop thought it was an important conversation to have before everyone else.

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Paradigm shifters

Goop up your life - CBD wellness weekend London 1

“CBD and cannabis has the potential to shift old patterns of thought and change lives, and I feel like we could really be on the precipice of something a lot bigger than we realise scientifically “.

Previous Goop Health panel talks covered what are cannabinoids – seizures in children and raised the medical benefits of THC and CBD, opening it up to the floor – attendees walked out with swag bags carrying products from the likes of Medmen like Kush Queen CBD bath bombs and CBD designer vape pens.


Two of our favourite plant-based restaurants in London, Farmacy Kitchen and Farm Girl, will serve breakfast, lunch, and more snacks throughout the day. Farmacy is one of the trailblazers of London’s CBD food and drink scene.

Goop up your life - CBD wellness weekend London 2Farm Girl dishes out holistic, Instagram-worthy food and of course CBD-infused matcha hot chocolate and other edibles – it also jumped on the growing trend of CBD very early on.


Goop’s signature pop-up shop will be open all day, every day and will be well stocked with CBD private label beauty products, books and some surprises that is sure to shock, inspire and delight.

Hello London

Tonight is all about doing nothing but relaxing. Mingling. Connecting. Cocktails will be hosted by cookbook author Jasmine Hemsley.

GP and crewAttendees will have a chance to meet the other wellness weekenders, talk to some of the experts who will be teaching classes and workshops throughout the weekend, and of course, retox before you detox.

It’s a Goop day

Saturday begins with meditation led by Vanessa Kandiyoti. A guru in the industry.
It’s a full day of talks hosted by Paltrow and guests plus classes and workshops. Healing and Connection is the focus of the day. In the Beauty Studio, you can choose a legend to take a master class with: Anastasia or Barbara Sturm.

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Goop Yoga

Yoga instructor Melody Hekmat will lead a dynamic vinyasa flow and if you want to get a workout in at the Body Studio you can (and Tracy Anderson will teach classes, too). Yes, that Tracey Anderson – she, who has conquered the celeb personal training niche market and a true fitness pioneer. Reiki breathing techniques and sacred energy healing is next. You can even get a face workout with FaceGym or try a light-therapy facial with MZ Skin at the end.

Tracy Anderson

Sunday, June 30: Tracy Anderson and Barry Michels will whip attendees into a frenzy and a sweat bright and early on Sunday morning. Barry Michaels will then teach a class on how to dissolve negativity and, maybe more importantly, how to replace it with an ongoing sense that there’s something greater than yourself in your corner—willing you to succeed. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a truly inspired weekend. So, we’ll see you there?

No doubt over the weekend there will be important conversations surrounding CBD and medical cannabis in the UK. Did we tell you it’s rather pricey? You will need to remortgage your house.


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