CBD for vertigo symptoms: Does it help?

There is no getting around the fact that Cannabidiol (CBD) is the world’s new health craze. People use it to help alleviate all sorts of ailments and symptoms. CBD and its therapeutic qualities are now being used to help with vertigo.

Whether you suffer from frequent dizziness or in more severe cases vertigo, it can be debilitating and sabotage your day. CBD is becoming more popular for people who suffer from dizziness and it can also help treat other symptoms of vertigo.

Let’s delve into the crippling condition that is vertigo and find out if CBD is worth using to help alleviate the symptoms.

Vertigo – a disorientating condition

Have you ever had a debilitating bout of dizziness? You were out in the city for a coffee or a day of shopping, and suddenly, everything around you started spinning. It is persistent and you have lost where you are. You sit down to steady yourself but you feel anxious that it won’t stop and you start feeling nauseous as it is too much to take in.

This could be a vertigo attack. Vertigo is a feeling of unbalance that can lead to spells of dizziness. These dizzy spells can range from minutes to more severe cases, which last hours or days.

Vertigo is difficult to distinguish between regular dizziness. However, if you suffer from vertigo or regular dizziness, both can have a negative impact on doing basic daily tasks.

Causes of vertigo

Vertigo is a disorder of the vestibular system. This is a sensory system that provides information to the brain about movement and balance.

There are some well-studied causes of vertigo but most of them are caused by damage or problems to the inner ear. The ear is an essential organ for balance as well as hearing.

The most common cause of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It is caused by an inner ear problem. This type of vertigo is provoked by sudden head movement such as turning in bed or standing up too fast.

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Another type of vertigo is migrainous vertigo. This is a certain type of migraine that causes dizziness and disorientation alongside the other typical symptoms we experience with migraines.

A final cause of vertigo is Meniere’s disease. This is an inner ear condition where ear fluid changes cause sudden spells of vertigo.

These are just some causes but people suffer from vertigo for several other reasons. Although all vertigo patients are different, they all seek something that helps tackle the condition or at least alleviate some of the symptoms. Is CBD their answer?

Can CBD oil help treat vertigo?

There are many medicines for vertigo on the market, however, if you are someone looking for a more natural alternative, CBD oil could help. CBD is used for its therapeutic qualities for a diverse range of ailments and vertigo is just one of them.

CBD will not stop the underlying problem of vertigo because it is usually caused by inner ear damage. Nonetheless, CBD has potential health benefits for vertigo patients by offering a natural way to alleviate the symptoms.

It may seem odd to use CBD as a treatment for vertigo symptoms because many think of the cannabis plant for its intoxicating effects. However, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause patients to feel high. It actually can help regulate your balance and reduce dizziness.

CBD to help with dizziness

The main symptom we all know about vertigo is dizziness. There is anecdotal evidence of CBD oil helping stop and reduce the intensity of dizzy spells.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims. However, there is evidence that the endocannabinoid system plays a role in the vestibular system. CBD receptors can be found in the vestibular system. CBD can attach to these and potentially help regulate balance and orientation for people suffering from dizziness and possibly even vertigo.

It will be interesting to see what future research finds. It could uncover that CBD or other cannabinoids are an effective method of alleviating dizziness.

CBD to suppress nausea

If you suffer from vertigo, you know that the constant spinning sensation can make you feel nauseous. And more intense vertigo attacks can make you vomit.

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CBD oil is commonly used to suppress nausea. Numerous animal studies have shown that CBD treatment is successful at treating nausea.

However, CBD helps humans too. CBD is used by chemotherapy patients to suppress the feeling of nausea, which is a regular side effect of aggressive therapy.

CBD suppresses the urge to vomit by causing serotonin receptors in the stomach to react. Serotonin is produced, which can help soothe the feeling of nausea, thus making one feel better.

CBD oil shows a lot of promise and could be a better option than other medications. It is a more natural substitute and does not have any extreme side effects which many medicines regularly have.

CBD for migraines and headaches

Headaches are either a symptom of vertigo or part of the experience. Migraines are a particular issue for people who suffer from migrainous vertigo.

One of the most popular reasons people choose to consume CBD is for pain management. So, it is very much possible that CBD oil can help relieve headaches and migraines of vertigo sufferers.

Although CBD is used to alleviate everyday pains and aches all over the body, it can help with more isolated pain such as headaches. There is research arguing that CBD and other compounds found in the cannabis plant to be beneficial for caring for migraines.

If you suffer from headaches caused by vertigo or headaches in general, CBD oil could be most effective at relieving you of them.

How to use CBD for vertigo symptoms

Now that we have a better understanding of the potential benefits of CBD for vertigo, it is worth considering the best way to use CBD.

If you are well-versed in the world of CBD, then you may know that you can consume CBD in a number of different ways. There is vaping, smoking, edibles, tinctures and balms to name a few. With so many methods to consume CBD, it is easy for each individual to find a way to introduce CBD into their life.

Vaping CBD for vertigo

Vaping is one of the fastest ways to feel the therapeutic effects of CBD. It has a high bioavailability, which means CBD enters the blood faster than other methods of consumption.

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As the effects of vaping CBD are felt immediately, it is a promising way to treat vertigo if you need instant relief. If you are a person who feels dizzy in short bursts, or you need to get rid of a headache fast, vaping CBD is the best option for you.

The downside to vaping is that it does not last as long as edibles. However, it is easy to carry your vape around with you. Whenever you need a boost of CBD to tackle symptoms of vertigo you can just take it out and top yourself up.

Edibles and oils for vertigo

Another method of consumption is using CBD tinctures, oils or edibles. These are absorbed through the digestive system which makes them release slower than vaping.

CBD tinctures can be held under the tongue for faster effects. However, edibles like CBD gummies and CBD capsules take longer to enter the bloodstream. Although they take longer to get to work, the effects last longer and can be felt for the entire day.

If you suffer from vertigo symptoms that last longer. For example, you feel dizzy for long spells of the day, or migraines take over chunks of your entire week, then tinctures and edibles could be of help to conquer these symptoms.

Possible side effects of using CBD

CBD is a safe supplement to use. Reputable brands do not contain any THC which is the intoxicating compound found in cannabis. CBD is non-psychoactive and does not have any serious side effects.

As CBD is used to relax, some experience drowsiness. However, this is normally due to consuming too high of a dose of CBD. CBD taken at an appropriate dose should not make you feel drowsy.

If you feel any other side effects, it is better to stop taking CBD momentarily and seek the advice of your doctor. In general, you should consult your doctor about taking CBD before you start using it for your vertigo symptoms.


Both case studies and science are supporting the use of CBD to treat some symptoms of vertigo.

If you struggle with dizziness or vertigo, CBD and its number of potential health benefits can help dizziness, nausea and headaches. CBD is a natural approach with little to no side effects and is worth trying to help ease the symptoms of vertigo.

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