Tabloid report lands Hempworx in hot water over medical claims

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are threatening action against an affiliate of CBD and hemp firm, Hempworx. The Mail on Sunday reported that the company contravened UK law by making medical claims for its CBD product line. The Extract has a list of the best UK CBD oil brands which we update frequently.

Strong claims made on Facebook

Company personnel are being investigated by the MHRA following the article. One representative said on her Facebook profile that the substance served as an anti-inflammatory and that it could treat urinary problems, venereal disease, and menopausal symptoms.

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Another salesperson said CBD had treated her sleep problems, and could also help with cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes. The company itself has a pyramid selling structure, which may have motivated the enthusiastic posting on social media.

The MHRA have offered the opportunity to HempWorx to “voluntarily relabel, reformulate, or even remove its products from sale altogether”. If HempWorx continues to sell the MHRA may take further steps.

Hempworx, itself owned by a US multi-level marketing company, My Daily Choice, has responded to the controversy to say it wanted to make sure its affiliates marketed their products using “truthful and compliant claims in line with all applicable UK laws and regulations. However, it only planned to offer offending affiliates “education” on what can and cannot be said about CBD products.

“We take compliance very seriously,” HempWorx said. “Any posts that are not compliant are flagged and the affiliate is educated on how to market products compliantly.”

The posts are then updated to reflect our standards or completely removed. Sometimes our affiliates get excited about the successful results of CBD oils and stories from their customers and feel they must share. When non-compliant posts are identified they are removed.”

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The MHRA said they would act to ensure compliance if necessary.

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“Our primary concern is patient safety. It is important that products being sold for a medicinal purpose have a product licence (marketing authorisation) from the MHRA. These licences mean the products meet safety, quality and efficacy standards to protect public health.”

Selling structure encouraged claims

The pyramid selling structure of the company would go some way to explaining why the claims are being made, in the face of the law. Las Vegas-based HempWorx offers prospective sales reps the chance to make large amounts of money selling its goods. Kits range in price from $39 up to $599. The company also offers reps the chance to have their own branded car, as well as an “Elite Expense Account”.

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People who make more than £8000 in sales are given a flat-screen TV as a bonus, while those who earn the company more than £80,000 get a cruise, and those who make £400,000 get a £40,000 cash bonus and a diamond watch, according to the website.

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