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At The Extract, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting brands in the CBD world.

We know our readers want to keep up with the latest and greatest brands and stay ahead of what’s trendy in CBD.

That’s why today we’re highlighting another of our discoveries – Reakiro.

Who are Reakiro?

Reakiro are an award winning, European-based manufacturer and supplier of full spectrum CBD oils, creams, and capsules. It was founded in Poland by CBD enthusiasts who didn’t just want to make another product. They wanted to change people’s lives.

Lofty goals? Yes. But we think Reakiro really makes good on its promise. Each of Reakiro’s products aspires to assist people where they need it most–their health.

By selecting and cultivating the best flower strains available, Reakiro have made full spectrum CBD oils, capsules, and raw hemp extract of the highest quality. And they’ve got the lab reports to prove it!

Let's look at the controls in place

Reakiro pride themselves on their adherence to high standards of quality, consistency, and transparency. We were particularly impressed with their commitment to transparency as the company publishes a full report on each of their products which you can review at your leisure.

All of Reakiro’s products are EU certified and contain no harsh chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides. In addition, their products are gluten-free, vegan friendly and, importantly, non-GMO.

The products

Reakiro were kind enough to give us some of their products to take for a test drive–CBD Oil, CBD gel capsules, Immune Support capsules, Omega-3 capsules and their Raw Hemp Extract pen. Each of them boasts a full spectrum cannabinoid range and EU certification.

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Reakiro first impressions

Reakiro products have a distinctive look and stylish branding. That the packaging doesn’t look or feel cheap is a positive sign for any savvy customer. Too many brands skimp on the packaging and Rekiro are not one of them.

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For those customers who might be uncomfortable with others knowing they are using CBD, Reakiro products are very discreet. From the packaging, it’s easy to mistake them for a regular non-CBD based supplement.

The CBD makeup

Let’s take a closer look at what Reakiro full-spectrum CBD products do and what makes them unique.

One immediate thing we noticed was the present of published lab reports. You don’t always get this with CBD companies. Reakiro provides a full breakdown for each one of their products. Which you can find on there site.

What you should hopefully notice is that Reakiro’s product profiles demonstrate you’re dealing with a truly powerful product. There are a number of cannabinoids present in their oils, not just CBD but CBDa, CBC, CBDv, CBDG and many more.

While these aren’t as well known as CBD or THC, they are the current unsung heroes of the cannabinoid world.

CBD Gel Capsules

Gel capsules are a simple and effective way of taking your necessary CBD dosage. On top of that, they are incredibly discreet and easy to swallow. Many people choose to take capsules as quick relief for inflammatory problems or for anxiety.

In order to stick to their guarantee of quality, Reakiro rely on three natural ingredients: hemp extract, MCT oil and pharmaceutical grade gelatin.


Reakiro has a comprehensive line of CBD gel capsules. Each one varies in strength to suit whatever your needs might be:

  • 1500mg 30 pcs (50mg CBD per сapsule)
  • 900mg 60 pcs (15mg CBD per сapsule)
  • 750mg 30 pcs (25mg CBD per сapsule)
  • 450mg 30 pcs (15mg CBD per сapsule)
  • 300mg 30 pcs (10mg CBD per сapsule)

These capsules are perfect for those seeking the benefits of CBD without the earthy taste.

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CBD Capsules Omega 3, 600 mg 60 pcs

When Reakiro talk about improving people’s health, these are the products they’re talking about. Specially formulated in a combination of fish oil hemp seed oil and rosemary in combination with essential fatty acids. The Omega-3 capsules are excellent for keeping your heart and brain healthy.

Reakiro CBD Omega 3 capsules contain EPA and DHA.

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But what are these, and why are they important?

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential for the body in maintaining optimum development and function. EPA specifically regulates cellular inflammation. DHA is responsible for maintaining nerve cell structure and functionality in the brain.

You can maintain an optimal balance with a daily intake of 250mg of EPA and DHA.

CBD Capsules Immune Support 600 mg 60 pcs

When we said that Reakiro was committed to helping people with their health we weren’t kidding. Their Immune Capsules are the ideal supplement for anyone looking to add a healthy new element to their regimen.


The Immune Capsules are made with a combination of hemp seed oil, turmeric (helpful with inflammation), ginger (increasing white blood cells), and echinacea (helps fight against germs). Each one of these provides a traditional herbal remedy that, in combination, can provide a vital boost to your immune system.

CBD Oil 1000mg

You can always tell how good a CBD company is from how much effort they put into their CBD oil. These kinds of products are becoming all-too-familiar and if a company phones it in on CBD oil, you know there’s something wrong. So that’s why we’re so happy with Reakiro CBD oil.

This is a premium quality CBD oil that is full spectrum. This means that it’s full of not only cannabinoids but flavourful terpenes. As we said earlier, if you examine the lab profile you’ll see that Reakiro CBD oil contains CBD as well as CBDA, CBG, CBN.

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The packaging looks really cool, too. It comes in a metal canister contained in a pretty solid box. For that reason, you don’t need to worry about mishandling during delivery-this box can take a knock. If you like your CBD oil strong, this is also a good choice. This has a very strong taste, which reminds you again that you’re dealing with a quality brand.

Raw Hemp Extract RxPEN 1000 mg

We were very curious to try the Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract products. As the name suggests, this is a really natural form of CBD and comes in a paste-like form. It also comes with a precisely-engineered applicator so you can get consistent serving sizes every time.

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The Raw Hemp Extract RxPEN did not disappoint. It’s a particularly interesting and unique product. It’s actually a 10ml syringe which contains up to a 1000mg of CBD as well as phytocannabinoids, enzymes and terpenes. Plus it’s an entirely airless device which keeps the product sealed in a vacuum, free from contaminants.

For anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur, this is an essential product. However, even newbies looking for an easy entry point into the world of CBD might do well to invest in one of these. With the CBD applicator you can easily click two times and to get two serving sizes. That’s 25mg CBD Raw Hemp Extract per click!

Our verdict?

Reakiro are a brand who can back up what they promise from reading their lab reports.

Reakiro are not only quality but they also offer a transparency that is not always easy to find in the CBD industry. Even a cursory glance through their product lab profiles shows you that these are products that have been tested and retested.

But that’s all facts and figures so what about ‘concrete’? How about their stylish and consistent branding and packaging. They're easy to use CBD oil applicator.

From their Immune capsules to their CBD oil to their Omega-3 capsules, this is a brand who crafts a product that is ideal and can complement any lifestyle. Plus the pricing isn’t too bad. Anyone who’s dabbled in CBD knows it can be an expensive supplement, but relatively speaking Reakiro are affordable and, above all, effective.

Check out Reakiro's Golf Range

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