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Amazon now selling CBD products in the UK

Has the last week seen dramatic changes on Amazon? The main changes include

  • Product images no longer contain just Hemp in the label
  • UK brands are starting showing higher in the search results
  • UK companies are already talking about improved sales

Retail giant Amazon is moving into the CBD industry in the United Kingdom. Recently, they launched a ‘pilot program’ on their UK website which allows for the sale of CBD products.

Speaking to BusinessCann, Amazon said they are “always seeking to increase the selection we offer customers and help them find and buy anything online.”

CBD and its derivates are rapidly growing in popularity in the United Kingdom. In fact, the market is positively booming in 2020. Naturally, this was an easy decision for Amazon to make.

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A number of CBD companies have been invited to take part in the program. Among others, Canndid CBD, Natures Aid, Green Stem, and Tower Health provided products for the launch of the project.

For now, this program is only available in the UK market. If successful, however, you could see CBD products on Amazon worldwide. This will see CBD reach great new heights.

On the other hand, could it leave smaller CBD retailers behind?


Best Place to buy CBD

The Extract still believes the best place is a trusted local supplier that focuses on CBD. These will have the official 3rd party COA test and will have trusted brands. CBD Village based in Kent is one such shop.

A welcome move by the CBD industry?

“We welcome any developments in the retail space relating to the sale of CBD,” said Leila Simpson. She is the Head of External Affairs for the UK Association for the Cannabinoid Industry. “Thanks to the legal clarity relating to CBD in the UK, we are likely to see more major retailers getting involved. This is good for the industry.”

But Amazon is a global giant, can it meet expectations? There is concern that it will be necessary for Amazon to perform its due diligence when it comes to the legitimacy of their products. Will such a massive industry-leader such as Amazon be able to provide CBD to a high standard? Only time will tell.

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Novel Foods Application

In an effort to bring greater regulation to the fledgeling industry, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has set a deadline for the end of March 2021 for companies to submit a valid application for their novel foods license.

After April 1st, companies without the correct Novel Foods authorisation application will be taken off UK market shelves. Products available on the UK Amazon will also need to fulfil these criteria or find themselves prohibited throughout the country.

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