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Founded by cousins Sophie and Alex, Paso offers customers a CBD brand with a difference. For a brand that officially opened its doors less than two months ago, Paso sell a pretty decent range of oral CBD products to cater to most tastes, with CBD gummies and chocolate to CBD vape liquid.

Since their launch, Paso have carved out a niche space in a corner of the CBD industry that still heavily markets itself with a 20-something ‘vape bro’ in mind.

From their crystals-and-sage-bundles promotional pictures to their tarot-inspired goddess logo, Paso has all the markers of an insta-friendly brand that appeals to your typical esoteric, astro-meme-loving millennial. They even support Cool Earth, an organisation committed to ending tropical deforestation and conserving the earth’s rainforests.

Paso have practically mastered one area where many other CBD companies falter – how to make CBD edible products that actually taste good. The clearest example of this is through their CBD-infused Belgian chocolate bars, that come in white chocolate, milk chocolate (42% cocoa) and dark (75% cocoa).

Paso CBD Chocolate

The herbal tone of the CBD pairs well with the natural bittersweet quality of dark chocolate, so that you’ll barely notice the taste. With the milk chocolate, that slightly bitter CBD taste is definitely more noticeable – but it’s more of a very slight aftertaste rather than an overpowering flavour. The chocolate itself is smooth and creamy, and each bar comes with 75mg of CBD. If you’re someone who likes to take a little bit of CBD before bedtime to drift off to sleep, Paso’s chocolate CBD bars are ideal for this. If your muscles are feeling sore use CBD Balm to reduce the muscle soreness.

For the non-vape-bro vapers, Paso’s portable e-liquid vaporizer is a great affordable device, with the whole unit and charger available for under £25. Despite this being a budget-friendly device, the Paso vape offers users a smooth, flavourful hit without any harsh draw. This sleek pen-style vape is also quite user-friendly, thanks to its single-button operating system.

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Paso pre-filled vape cartridges can also be easily screwed into your favourite compatible vape pen, and if you’d rather not use disposable cartridges, Paso sell their CBD vape liquid separately.

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Paso CBD vape liquid

When it comes to their line of vaping liquid, Paso have kept their flavours as natural as possible – so you’re not going to find any overly artificial flavours like bubblegum or cola. Mango Kush is likely to appeal to most people and gives a hit of fruitiness without being unbearably sweet.

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While the name ‘Amnesia Haze’ might sound alarming, it actually offers a pleasantly herbal flavour without being overly bitter, or sickly sweet. Paso have derived their vape liquid names from the hemp strains with cbd they’ve originated from – so don’t worry, you’re not going to blackout. We also liked Mint and Lemon Haze, while ‘Sour Diesel’ was just a bit too pine-y for our tastes.

Overall, Paso has all the markers of a promising new brand to breathe some fresh air into the CBD industry – and especially the vaping sector. We’re really excited to see how this brand might grow, and what else they come up with.

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