Talking to your doctor about CBD & cannabis

Talking to your doctor about sensitive issues can be hard, especially alternative treatments such as CBD.

But if you’re interested in using CBD or medical cannabis, you should talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

While some doctors can be sceptical, if you approach the subject openly and honestly you may come away with some great advice. You might also have a new health treatment option.


Decades of stigmatisation against cannabis, in general, has made it a difficult topic of discussion. However, in recent years CBD and medical cannabis have seen a surge in popularity and interest.

Since 2018, cannabis prescriptions have been legal under NHS guidelines, but getting one of these prescriptions has proved more than difficult for many.

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If you think CBD or cannabis might work for you, then bring it up with your doctor. If you’re not your own advocate then who else will be? While sceptical glances may arise, a doctor’s primary concern is the health of their patient.

Do your research

Before you raise the topic with your doctor, make sure you’ve done your research. That doesn’t just mean watching YouTube videos or blogs like this one. There are many freely available academic studies that you can find on Google Scholar or elsewhere online.

Even if you can’t see the whole document you can read the abstract to get an idea of what the study is about and what the general findings were. This can help you make a solid case for why you feel CBD or cannabis might benefit you.

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When you go to your doctor have some of this information to present, especially if you think they may be resistant to the idea.

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Engage in a real conversation

Obviously, you want to get your point across, namely, that you want to try CBD or cannabis for treatment. But make sure to listen to the objections that your doctor may have on the matter.

Perhaps they’ll advise against CBD or cannabis. Ask why? Perhaps it’s not suitable for the condition that you’re dealing with or maybe there’s a reported history of worsening conditions after CBD/cannabis treatment.

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It may not be suitable for your lifestyle either. Some companies have mandatory drug testing and if your business is one of them it could leave you in a risky position of losing your job. It could also raise a lot of eyebrows with your colleagues, not to mention your friends and family.


It’s not easy to do but having conversations such as these with your doctor can be the key to improved health. It can also be helpful just to discuss options with your doctor. Remember never begin self-medicating for a condition with cannabis without medical advice. Never replace mainstream treatment with cannabis treatment without consultation.

Stay safe, and healthy.

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