Welcome to Heidi’s World

For centuries Switzerland led the way in following ‘green’ paths, peddling the healing powers of crisp Alpine air, sharp blue skies, spa retreats and the finest Swiss botanical. They also gave us Bircher muesli (and decadent chocolate but we won't talk about that).

Switzerland’s CBD cafes are booming. The place to hang out in. The country that pioneered wellness is adopting cannabis/CBD and it has become ubiquitous – pretty standard to pick up with your Alpine Swiss muesli of course in shops and convenience stores across Switzerland.

A new era of Hemp

Heidi’s World is a very cool CBD Wellness Centre cum CBD cafe in Zurich. They cultivate their own CBD strains and are artisans in growing Swiss quality CBD.

The shop has a curated line of high-end products as well as Heidi’s Naturals (their own line), Cosmetics, Edibles and Wellness products vie for attention amongst the uber-cool jeans brands made from Hemp (Nudie Jeans Co) and the seriously fly sunglasses which beg to be bought even if I have to remortgage my house!

The Swiss way

The Swiss 1 percent THC limit is more generous than in the rest of the EU, where a THC limit of 0.3 percent applies. CBD products were particularly popular this year at Zurich’s Cannatrade, the oldest cannabis trade fair on the continent. We caught up with them recently during our time at Cannatrade.

Heidis team

I thought about leading the conversation with – just who is Heidi? Is she Johanna Apyri’s children's book Heidi whose illness was healed by the Swiss Alps and mountain air? Is the cafe paying homage?

Welcome to Heidi's World 2

Clever if the case – linking CBD and alluding to its ‘super-hero’ attributes to heal but…… I got way too distracted with the seriously good aesthetics in the cafe and their passion for the compound and their gusto to push the boundaries of research on the benefits of CBD. CEO of Heidi's Garden Reto Joerimann spoke to The Extract at the Wellness Centre in Zurich about some hemp secrets and how CBD balm can relieve sore muscles! Click here to watch and find out just who Heidi is!

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