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You’ve heard of Dollywood – what about Tysonland?

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has revealed plans to build a massive cannabis-themed resort on his sprawling ranch in California. Iron Mike wants to build a 407-acre resort which will accommodate a hotel, lodges, spas, a glamping park, and the world’s longest slow river – all with cannabis at its centre.

The Tyson University to educate on cannabis farming & facilitate research

Tyson said he wants to create a specific events area where occasions like music festivals and annual marijuana parties would take place. A “Tyson University” will also be created to educate cannabis farmers about formal and high-grade cannabis agriculture techniques.

Mike Tyson farms

The former boxer currently uses his ranch for research into growing and improving cannabis quality, a compound he has been using regularly over the last 2 decades. Tyson says he has undergone major wear and tear due to the rigours of using his body for fighting for 20 years in the boxing ring.

Breaking the stigma through education and acceptance

Tyson uses cannabis for pain relief and calming his nerves, and says doctors had previously prescribed him opiates that didn’t agree with him. He chose to use marijuana instead and it has been helping him heal since. One of Tyson’s goals is to help people break their addiction to opioids, but he realises that there is a stigma attached with cannabis and its derived products.

“Cannabis is the future and eventually everyone is going to have to give in,” he added.

Tyson, a former undisputed heavyweight world champion has garnered tonnes of success with his cannabis-based company known as Tyson Holistic Holdings. The company was launched in 2016. His farm cultivates several strains of high-grade isolate which is used in dozens of cannabis-based products.

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