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Buyer beware – Black Friday

It’s fair to say that CBD products can be more than a little expensive. Anyone who’s been interested in trying out some CBD products after hearing about all the wonderful things it can do is probably dismayed to see the price tag.

But now, we are entering that wonderful time of the year when you can finally avail of CBD’s restorative powers without bankrupting yourself in the process.

Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals are upon us. Here we offer just a few tips for any would-be CBD shoppers and a recommendation.

Buyer beware

It’s both a blessing and a curse to find a typically expensive product for a cheaper price. On the one hand, HUZZAH! Saving money and getting something cool? Sign us up. But on the other slightly greasier hand, you have to look twice and ask yourself – is this worth anything? After all, if it’s so cheap, can it be any good?

CBD is in something of a transitory phase as it moves slowly into legitimacy. There are plenty of reputable sources of CBD products out there, but there are just as many unscrupulous characters looking to make a quick buck. You only have to look at the recent spate of people being adversely affected by CBD to see that.

With no regulatory body to enforce legal standards, it’s up to you and a lot of trial and error to find what works. Buyer beware.

What to look for?

When purchasing any CBD product (or any product for that manner) it’s important to check into where the company sources its material and don’t be afraid to read some reviews or check forums for unbiased opinions.

The percentages matter when it comes to CBD, too. Make sure that what you’re getting is high or low enough in cannabidiol so that your CBD dosage will be accurate for your needs.

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A reputable recommendation

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a great chance to try out some new CBD products. However, you could end up buying a product that’s just not for you. You’ll want to buy something you know you can rely on. Our recommendation for US customers is Wild Hemp.

They are an example of a company with a great reputation you can rely on. All their hemp is grown and sourced in the United States from both Colorado and Oregon. Check out their Hempettes range which contains 10mg of CBD each. Each one contains less than 0.3% THC.

For UK customers, check out CBD Village for all the latest offers on some of the best CBD products in the country. Find all your favourites including, Fourfive CBD oils, CBDfx gummies, Canavape CBD & Terpene e-liquid and so much more.  All items on CBD Village are 20% off throughout Black Friday. Don’t miss out.

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