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3 of the best CBD products for athletes

Anybody thinking that CBD is in just about every product imaginable at the moment would be hard to convince otherwise. The industry has turned into a vastness of different products from CBD and lavender bath bombs to CBD arousal oil to help regain that spark in the bedroom. Advice from the Centre for Medical Cannabis (CMC) towards the government has been to increase regulation to help the credibility of the CBD industry.

CBD Sport Supplements
CBD supplements, can they improve your gym workout?

The idea is that increased regulation will slowly weed out the companies who are in the business just to make quick and easy money and subsequently strengthen the companies who have the consumer in mind. Those companies who ensure their products are what they say they are will stay on trading and the industry will only grow stronger in the long run.


Muscle recovery
Top CBD balms for muscle recovery

Until regulation increases, it is going to be confusing for consumers to trust that products are indeed what they say they are. Fortunately, we have been able to get our hands on a few such products to test for daily use. So what will aid recovery for those who regularly push themselves to the limits through intense exercise? We rank them accordingly.

#3 – Ambience CBD infused muscle balm

ambiencecbdFirst on our list is Ambience CBD-infused muscle balm. Ambience CBD is an all-natural and organic CBD company based in the UK. They have a vast product range, with one such product which will appeal to athletes more than others, their aforementioned muscle balm. The companies advice for use is post-workout. You rub the gel on to any areas that may be tense or tired, and it will act to soothe the muscles and relieve tension, helping overall recovery.

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Much scientific advice shows that for ultimate muscle relief, CBD should be ingested as well as being rubbed into muscles. So, this product’s effectiveness will increase with the use of an oil alongside.

#2 – Game Up 1000mg CBD oil & balm


Anybody who is into mixed martial arts will have heard of the Diaz Brothers from UFC. Following his fight with Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz thrust CBD into the spotlight within the MMA industry by conducting an interview whilst vaping the substance.

He has since decided to enter the CBD industry, starting Game Up CBD oil and balm which he advertises as a miracle supplement. Game Up as a company are not just selling CBD products either, they are investing money into clinical research studies with the aim that CBD is better understood and as a result, is marketed correctly.

#1 – poko 1000mg CBD oil & balm

Poko CBD Heating Muscle Balm

Two veterans of international rugby union, Dom Day & George Kruis, share 20 years experience in professional sport and have been into surgery a total of 12 times between them. As professionals of the game, they played through the pain more often than they should have and they constantly used CBD throughout their playing careers.

They started using CBD to try and provide the best CBD products they possibly could for those who engage in sports and specifically designed their product for those with an active lifestyle.

What sets poko CBD oil and balm apart from others on sale in the United Kingdom at the moment is that it is 100% certified through multiple third-party sources as being advertised 100% correctly. The CBD ingredient amount is correct and athletes can be reassured that it has 0% THC, therefore all above board for drug-testing purposes.

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For the best white label suppliers in the UK see out short list of approved sellers.

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