Kolluda Packaging are sponsors at World CBD Awards

It’s almost that time again, time for the World CBD Awards to shine the light on pioneering CBD brands. Brands that offer premium products that are safe and of the highest quality. Several big names will be sponsoring the event, including Kolluda, who will be the packaging sponsor of the World CBD Awards in 2022.

Who are Kolluda, and what do they do?

US manufacturers of child-resistant packaging systems, Duallok joined forces with Burgopak to create Kolluda, a luxury packaging range for the CBD and wellness market. According to their website, Kolluda is a range of packaging solutions created by an award-winning design team specifically for CBD and nutraceutical products. They present completely customisable solutions that depend entirely on what the client wants.

The Kolluda range of packaging currently consists of 4 solutions, namely:

  • Type-C
  • Type-S
  • Type-LR
  • Type-E

Type-C and Type-S can be adjusted to hold products such as dropper bottles, jars, and vape products. For a more bespoke solution, there is an option to replace the internal fitments with a custom insert. Type-C packaging consists of the cabrio format, while Type-S consists of a sliding format. This format is ideal for retail display or visual merchandising.

Type-LR (Left-Right) solution refers to how the two-way mechanism opens, which is left or right. With its ability to hold more than one product, this solution is ideal for gift sets or complementary products.

Lastly, the Type-E (ejector) packaging uses an easy ribbon pull mechanism for ease of access. The pull cord can be made from several luxurious materials, such as bamboo or hemp. This solution is ideal for products such as chocolates and other edibles.

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These bespoke solutions allow brands to be as loud or subtle as they please.

Kolluda as sponsors at the World CBD Awards

When asked what their thoughts are on the CBD industry, senior product manager of Duallok Steve Wilkins replied, “Before we launched the Kolluda range of packaging for the CBD industry, we were very familiar with the US legal cannabis space due to our child-resistant range, Duallok. Consumers want a new way of finding wellbeing, and although the CBD industry is relatively young, we are excited by the projected growth of the industry over the next few years.

“Everyone that we have worked with so far, and especially the World CBD Awards, want to make the industry a safe, ethical and respected marketplace, one that consumers can trust. We as a company operate with an open and ethical policy, we have recently gained our own FSC accreditation, so sponsoring the World CBD Awards and operating in a market full of like-minded individuals and companies, is a pleasure.”

Wilkins adds they are looking forward to getting out there after the pandemic. “With the global pandemic, the awards have been delayed, so really looking forward to getting to the venue and being involved in something that has been being worked on for a long time now. It will be good to get out, face to face again, and meet customers old and new, the World CBD Awards team and see what advances there have been, not just in packaging but all over the industry.

Finally, the awards themselves. I mean, that is what everyone is there for at the end of the day, and to win something would be a welcome bonus.”

The World CBD Awards have expressed delight at having Kolluda as a sponsor. According to the co-founder/director of World CBD Awards, Pamela Bonnick, “Kolluda Packaging are very imaginative when it comes to their designs, producing amazing marketing ideas within their products.”

kolluda packaging

What are the World CBD Awards?

The World CBD Awards is an annual event that not only recognises the best CBD products, services, devices and companies that are on the global market, but also those that follow ethical practices. The event awards those that uphold set standards and operate ethically and transparently.

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Unique to the World CBD Awards is the judging process, which is unlike any other in the industry. The judging panel consists of industry professionals, physicians, and scientists for an objective judging process. They have even gone the extra mile to ensure that there is no corruption. Judges receive samples without branding, along with an ID code. This ensures they have no idea which brand’s product they are testing.

However, the four-day event is not just for commending stellar products and services. The World CBD Awards is also an opportunity for attendees to learn from industry-leading speakers and to network. If they make proper use of their time, guests will leave with more knowledge, new contacts and burgeoning friendships.

World CBD Awards 2022

The World CBD Awards was initially planned to take place on the 28th of April 2021. However, the organisers postponed it to 2022 in order to hold a longer, more elaborate event. The upcoming World CBD Awards will now take place from the 12th to the 15th of July 2022 in Barcelona.

This year's theme is “We Can Do Better”. The World CBD Awards aims to highlight brands in the industry that offer the public safe and ethical products. By doing this, they hope to inspire change.

The Extract and World CBD Awards 2022

The Extract has teamed up with World CBD Awards as a media partner and will cover everything you need to know about the awards in the months leading up to the event.

Make sure you subscribe to The Extract for all the latest news about the biggest CBD event on the calendar.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kolluda packaging or would like to request pack samples, visit for more information.

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