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At this year’s Cannatrade festival in Switzerland, the Extract connected with dozens of amazing companies in all areas of CBD from cultivation, research and development to distribution. Among the most impressive were the Canway Group, a collection of brands based in Zurich who encompass all of these fields, and are fully immersed in the business of CBD, from ‘seed to sale’. During this year’s conference, we were lucky enough to catch up with Thomas Bär, the founder of Green Passion and a managing partner of their parent company, Canway Group. Largest Suppliers of CBD wholesale in the UK.

When it comes to choosing which area of CBD is his favourite to work in, Bär claims that the sheer breath of exciting new projects under Canway’s belt makes it hard to choose just one field he prefers. “CBD and cannabis is so diversified […] we’re working from cultivation to processing over to research and development, cosmetics and distribution”

Optimizing customer experience

Currently, there are four brands in the Canway family – Fenocan, Dolocan, Dolopet, and Green Passion. In developing products for Canway brands, Bär emphasized the importance of giving customers the best experience possible. With this ethos in mind, Canway have developed a diverse range of products catering to almost every field in CBD.

Green Passion

“We always try to be the best at what we do, and we try to listen to our customers needs and develop products which meet customers expectations”

Product diversity

Dolocan specialises in cannabidiol products for everyday use, such as their range of botanically infused e-liquids. Available in strengths of both 10% and 25%, Dolocan’s CBD e-liquids all contain less than 0.05% THC, and come in a diverse range of flavours including sleep-promoting lavender, calming chamomile, focus-boosting mint and reviving blueberry.

Greenpassion jars

They also have a specialist range of CBD-infused skincare products for a wide range of concerns, from acne and psoriasis to anti-ageing creams.

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Through Dolopet, Canway have specially formulated two different pet-friendly CBD drops – one for cats, and CBD for dogs – to help keep your favourite furry friends healthy and stress-free.

With Green Passion, Canway produce more hemp-based plant products, such as dried CBD flower and CBD-rich hemp herbal tea, as well as accessories including grinders and rolling papers. Green Passion also sells concentrated CBD extracts available in 16%-20%.

Rolling paper

Under Fenocan Phytogenics, Canway has developed their own range of CBD hemp seeds and plants for anyone looking to develop their green thumb even further to become their very own personal dispensary.

As an industry leader, Bär noted that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses when breaking into the CBD industry is the lack of awareness around different governmental institutions and how they regulate CBD.

This frustration over the lack of clear regulation is felt across the globe, as a huge legal grey area around CBD has been stunting the growth of up-and-coming business in Europe, the UK and the United States. Read more about our coverage on CBD legislation around the globe.

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