Chillin’ with Gary Youds – Inside the UK’s Cannabis Clubs

This week on Inside UK Cannabis Clubs we go to Liverpool and speak to Gary Youds at The Chillin’ Rooms.

Gary takes us on a tour of the once creative ‘melting pot’ venue and we talk about how cannabis regulation could bring back such vibrancy, not only here but across the whole United Kingdom.

As a cannabis activist, Gary Youds sees the cannabis industry not just as a way to waste time and smoke spliffs but a chance to reinvigorate the UK economy, creating real jobs and lasting opportunity for all strata of British society.

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Inside the UK’s Cannabis Clubs

We are diving into the world of UK cannabis clubs with our brand new docu-series – Inside UK Cannabis Clubs.

Each week we take a look at a different side of cannabis, talking to people from all walks of life with one thing in common – cannabis. We’ll see how each one brings their unique perspective to cannabis from a UK regulatory perspective to matters of the impact for economic change.

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