Confusion surrounds eBay’s policy on CBD

eBay’s policy on selling cbd safely has been called into question, if you want to buy CBD in the UK we have a guide to the buying and selling of CBD.

The retail of CBD on the world’s high streets has been well documented recently with police raids across the UK, US and Ireland garnering news coverage, however now the status of the substance on online giants is causing some confusion.

Contradiction Between Policy and Practice

Although eBay claims CBD is prohibited on their platform, the evidence suggests otherwise. In response to a recent tweet complaining about the site’s ban on sales of CBD oil in places where it is legal, eBay said it would continue to “prohibit the items globally”.

However, a search on the site reveals a vast amount of available CBD oils, gummies and other related products. The contradiction in official policy versus the visible reality could be down to poor policing.

Confusion surrounds eBay’s policy on CBD 1

In explanation of its US-focused stated policy, eBay cited the products which “are regulated by the FDA [US Food and Drug Administration] and enforced by some law enforcement agencies”. It also pointed towards the fact that CBD products are “highly regulated in many countries.”

Badly policed?

Apart from the possibility that the huge retail platform is unable to fully police what is sold, there is also a chance that it may be due to misleading retailers marketing hemp oil pressed from hemp seeds – an excellent cooking ingredient but one with little to no cannabinoid content – as CBD products, according to market intel firm CBD Intel.

Interestingly, new research has found that some sellers on Amazon are genuinely selling products containing CBD on the site.

What’s real and what’s fake

Just as is the case with the other online retail supergiant, Amazon, it is very difficult to tell
the real CBD products from the fake without extensive research.

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The seeming ambiguity on retailing CBD products online is adding to a generally confused picture, although the potential for police raids on sellers on eBay are at least not as likely as that faced by conventional retailers.

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