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Based in Switzerland, Mary AG is a family-owned company that sells a diverse range of CBD tinctures, as well as ‘CBD cannabis’ hemp plants that can be cultivated for a variety of uses such as vaping, smoking and cooking.

Founded by husband and wife duo Vivian and Pascal Nötzli, the couple created their business when Pascal was looking for a more holistic approach to treating a variety of health concerns. After an accident, Pascal was left dealing with pain as well as trouble sleeping at night. Not wanting to over-rely on the strong prescription painkillers recommended by his doctor, he and Vivian decided to explore CBD as an alternative treatment for treating pain – and so, Mary was born.

We caught up with Vivian and Pascal Nötzli, the owners of Mary AG at this year’s Cannatrade festival in Switzerland. Although they’re a relatively young business, Mary AG made a huge impression at this year’s conference, where their organic hemp plants, in particular, proved hugely popular among attendees. They managed to snag 5th place at the CannaSwiss Cup for one of their strains.

Owners of Mary AG

In conversation with The Extract, Pascal and Vivian stressed the importance of using high-quality organic hemp when producing CBD. The couple-turned-entrepreneurs also highlighted the importance of lobbying politicians to ease restrictions around hemp cultivation. Whilst hemp is legal to own and sell in Switzerland with a THC percentage up to 1%, Mary AG believes these restrictions should be eased so that more people can experience the same benefits of everything CBD and hemp flower has to offer.

Delivering a CBD Lifestyle

If you’re looking for a diverse range of CBD tinctures, Mary AG is the perfect place to look. Packaged in cute, easily recyclable glass bottles, this brand has developed an innovative range of CBD tinctures to cater to all needs and tastes.

One of our favourite Mary AG products is their calming 500mg CBD blend, infused with turmeric which is potentiated by black pepper, for maximum effectiveness.

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For fans of CBD isolate extract, Mary AG offers a great range of strengths for newbies and CBD veterans alike – in 5%, 10% and 15%. They also sell a water-soluble CBD oil blend, available in strengths from 5%-20%. One of the added benefits of water-soluble CBD is that it is thought to be more bioavailable than other forms of CBD oil, considering the human body is roughly 70% water.

Bottles Mary AG

Unlike many other brands jumping on the CBD bandwagon, Pascal and Vivian don’t stop at CBD tinctures – Mary AG have developed their entire range around providing consumers with the tools to live a green lifestyle. Mary AG encourages customers to develop their green thumbs with their hugely popular hemp plant cuttings, so you can become your very own CBD dispensary.

Mary AG

On their website, Mary AG have also formulated recipes around their CBD range,
to give customers the tools to incorporate CBD into their day-to-day life in deliciously innovative ways.

Mary recommends using their CBD turmeric blend to make their signature green smoothie, which is packed with nourishing ingredients like spinach, bananas and peppermint to replenish your body post-workout and balance blood sugars. Along with the grounding addition of CBD, this smoothie is full of vitamin C, magnesium and calcium as well as hydrating coconut water to keep your electrolytes in check. And if you’re in the mood for something a little more sinful, check out their to-die-for CBD infused french toast recipe.

French CBD toast

For cooking with hemp flower, Mary also has a handy guide to decarboxylating (cooking) your hemp flower to activate the CBD and other active plant botanicals. Once you’ve decarbed your hemp flower, you can try your hand at making Mary AG’s delicious CBD-infused spicy chutney. Packed full of delicious spices like paprika, cumin, turmeric and Ras el hanout, this sweet-and-sour chutney is the most mouth-watering way to give your metabolism a kick.

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