Bobby George discusses his experiences with cannabis

“It’s got a bad name, but it’s not a bad drug” states former pro-darts player Bobby George as he retells anecdotes of his experiences with cannabis. From stories of eating cannabis cakes in Hollywood to talking about his closest friend’s experiences with using the plant as a cancer treatment; whether recreational or medicinal, Bobby George has a pro-marijuana mentality shaped by how cannabis has had an effect on his world. We look at the benefits people have found using cannabis.

He first starts to talk about how ‘cannabis is the plant of life’, in reference to a friend of his who used the plant to treat her breast cancer with cbd. He stated how her breast cancer would continuously return under conventional medication until she opted for cannabis. “She smoked a joint and had CBD under her tongue [as well as] THC and in four months it went and she never had cancer again.”

After meeting her at a place called Puff, Pass and Paint, where people would meet and consume some cannabis before exercising their creative side and painting a few pictures. Bobby advises that he himself indulged here, stating “I had a puff of the joint and I had some wine and I had the giggles and when you laugh like that… a laugh must do your body good.” Bobby even stated that cameraman who was filming their interview consumed the same as him and was unable to film due to being in fits of laughter.

A learning curve

It’s not all been a good experience for Bobby though, as he recalls his first time with CBD edibles when consuming vanilla ice-cream with cannabis in it. Because he didn’t know when to stop and had never been advised that you can have too much, Bobby ended up consuming 35 times the recommended dosage of cannabis and subsequently couldn’t move or talk and didn’t feel well at all.

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He saw this as a learning curve that shaped his future experiences with cannabis as he decided he wouldn’t eat cannabis again unless he was sure he knew how much was in it and that he would exercise portion control as he stated, “Eat it if you know what’s in it.”

However, this experience didn’t put Bobby off, as a visit to Hollywood, a week later saw him trying some cakes with cannabis in. This time he stated he was so cautious that the cannabis barely touched him.

Medical cannabis

Bobby George’s experiences with cannabis seem to have shaped a large proportion of his life due to how it has affected him personally. This has caused the belief that the medical powers of cannabis are yet to be fully understood by doctors and that it would benefit everyone for it to be researched more and made more readily available.

Bobby went to a vets where he saw them treating a horse with cannabis oil that had cancer in its neck. They rubbed the cannabis oil into the horse’s neck and added it to the horse’s food and eventually the horse was free of cancer.

The discussion then turned to using CBD to treat his own pets, as Bobby has given oil to two of his dogs to treat various conditions. Firstly, his pet dog which has a non-cancerous growth under its armpit, which he rubbed CBD oil into which eventually resulted in the reduction of the size of the lump. Secondly, he gave CBD oil to a dog with spinal pain that caused it to yelp when stroked. He commented on how the pain seemed to go as the dog would allow for it to be petted once it was given CBD oil.

Cannabis is better when purchased legally

Having purchased cannabis at different times from multiple locations, Bobby George is certain that the best cannabis is grown in the lab under regulation conditions because it is ‘much cleaner’ that way. However, he doesn’t believe that cannabis will be legalised in the UK any time soon as he mentioned how the laws are much more restrictive.

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“It won’t be legalised because there’s too much money for the people who make pills”, as Bobby references how the pharmaceutical industry has a monopoly on the medical industry, going on to state that “they are no good, all the pills we take.” He genuinely feels that cannabis could have a huge role to play in medicine and could be a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals and consequently believes that it needs to become a priority to do more research on cannabis in order for it to be seen as the medicine it is.

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