Groundbreaking cannabis craft beer launched in the UK

Green Times Brewing has partnered with, Northern Monk in Leeds to launch a 7.2 percent IPA containing cannabis oil. Green Heathen made its debut on Friday containing 10 mg of CBD per pint. This the second range of CBD, or Cannabidiol, beer that Green Times have launched. Their first High Flyer was a crowd-pleaser too and has enjoyed enormous success. It was the first-ever craft beer with Cannabis Sativa L oil extract in the UK.

Green Times Brewing and CBD Ultra MD, Carl Boon, described cannabis-infused beer as the ‘perfect partnership'.

He said: “We are honoured to be collaborating with Northern Monk on the second cannabis beer in our series. For more than 10,000 years, both beer and cannabis have been used to enhance both health and mood and so a cannabis-infused beer really is a perfect partnership.”

Pushing boundaries

Founder of Northern Monk, Russell Bisset, is delighted with the ‘groundbreaking' brew and told the LAD Bible this week: “We always aim to be progressive in our approach to brewing, and we believe that CBD has real, tangible health benefits. The collaboration with Green Times Brewing gave us the opportunity to brew a groundbreaking beer.”


“Above all, we really enjoy creating twists on our core range beers, and pushing the boundaries of our existing recipes. Green Heathen does just that.”

Broad-spectrum CBD oil with all the goodness & hangover-free

Green Heathen is described as having ‘soft, resinous, tropical flavours'. It's made with a broad spectrum CBD oil too, meaning it's jam-packed with a range of naturally occurring terpenoids, cannabinoids and flavonoids. The brewers also claim the beer could be good for you, sort of. CBD boosts liver function, which enables you to process alcohol more effectively and subsequently comes away from your session with less of a hangover.

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Boost to the North

Green Times Brewing and CBD Ultra MD, Carl Boon also said it would bring positive change to the north. “Northern Monk is also a well-respected brewery with global reach and we really like their ethos of collaborating with other businesses to help strengthen the North for positive change. We are very proud of Green Heathen and based on the success of High Flyer, we expect this beer to fly off the shelves.”

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